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The Burning Question: Coal

It has been described as ‘the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet’, but we just can’t seem to shake our dependence on coal. Indeed, consumption is rising rapidly, especially in China, where it’s being used to fuel the country’s economic boom. So, can we clean up coal before it’s too late?

There are plenty of good reasons to dislike coal. It’s the dirtiest and most wasteful of the fossil fuels. It epitomises our current short-sighted energy strategies; it looks backwards to the Industrial Revolution and suggests we’re ignoring warnings about climate change. And then there are the myriad social issues - millions of people around the world are employed by coal operations, but conditions often involve poor wages and a high risk of injury. Yet the reality is coal has never gone away.

Geographical Magazine presents this hard hitting special report into the coal crisis that is set to stay. With poignant photography and detailed factual information this is an essential guide to the future of our most dependant energy resource.

We cover all aspects including:

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