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Responsible Tourism

Geographical Magazine presents this very special report into the rising importance of responsible tourism, covering the impact we have as visitors and ways in which we can help to reduce that impact.

Trek Lightly

While hiking independently through some of the world’s most scenic terrain seems like the antithesis of a two-week package deal in the Med, such tourism brings its own problems for the environment and the local populace.

The Reality Gap

Increasingly, travellers are volunteering for placements abroad to work on conservation and development projects, thinking they will benefit local communities while seeing some incredible parts of the world. But these trips can fail to live up to the lofty expectations - and the price.

Reef Relief

As recreational scuba diving increases in popularity, the once-thriving coral reefs of the tropics are being put under pressure by the sheer number of divers who come to encounter the marine life that lives on them. Richard Hammond explains what responsible travelling divers can do to lessen their impact.

White and Wild

Over the past two decades, the dramatic growth of tourism in the wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic has meant that the wildlife and fragile environments are under severe pressure from visitors. However, it’s perfectly possible to take high-quality, low-impact trips to the polar regions.

Cold Facts

With climate change already shortening ski seasons, it’s hard to ignore the fact that indulging our love of snowy holidays is hastening their demise. But there are ways to lessen your impact. Richard Hammond suggests how to make your next winter trip as pure as the driven snow.

Raising the Game

Africa leads the world in the use of sustainable tourism to both conserve wildlife and empower local communities. And responsible safaris, often with a side-order of luxury attached, are becoming increasingly easy to find.

Watch Out!

With more and more tour companies offering travellers the chance to visit rare and exotic animals, questions are being raised about the adverse effects of wildlife-watching holidays. So how can you ensure that your trip is admirably animal-friendly?

Local Issues

Choosing not to go abroad for your holidays can have some obvious environmental benefits, not least the reduced carbon emissions of a flight-free trip. But that’s not to say that the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’ is entirely positive.

Low Impact Luxury

High-end travel has long been synonymous with environmental irresponsibility, but an increasing number of luxury operations are using their big profits to fund big ecological and social programmes, and buff up their green credentials.

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